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Using Generative AI in Localization
February 21 2023 OneForma Editors
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How to Make a Brand Succeed across the Entire Digital World
January 23 2023 Jonas Ryberg
Think globally. Act locally. For decades, this philosophy has been the north star for how global businesses operate. But many global companies are learning the hard way that in the digital world, thinking globally and acting locally is more difficult than they’d imagined it would be.
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Fighting Biometrics Breaches with Ethical Hacking
January 20 2023 Meher Dinesh Naroju
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Examples of AI Localization
January 20 2023 Jonas Ryberg
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How a New Chatbot Fights AI Bias
January 20 2023 Tam Maseko-Purnell
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How Google Is Making Artificial Intelligence More Inclusive
January 20 2023
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