OneForma by Centific


Helping organizations achieve their most ambitious digital transformation goals.
For over 20 years, OneForma has served as a trusted AI-enablement partner to businesses across every major industry.

A Global Community with One Purpose 

We work to make technology better for everyone.

The OneForma Community is made up of passionate professionals from all over the world, representing a diverse set of skills and disciplines. Through our shared expertise, we help strengthen AI systems and enable innovative solutions that help companies solve real business challenges.

OneForma brings together a talented Community of digital, language, and content experts to collaborate on meaningful projects that make a difference. Our team is united in OneForma’s mission to enable accessible and equitable digital experiences that are tailored to the needs of people everywhere and help shape the future of AI. 

OneForma is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to leverage AI and digital transformation technologies to drive innovation and increase competitiveness. Our online platform helps organizations unlock the potential of their digital operations to enable better customer experiences and business performance. 

We work with organizations of all sizes and industries to ensure that AI projects are successful, regardless of scale or complexity. Our team is committed to providing clients with the right resources to achieve their goals and advancing technology for future generations. 


OneForma is powered by: 

  • 900,000+ global contributors  
  • 150+ languages and dialects  
  • 200 countries and regions around the world  
  • 20,000+ successful projects completed 

 We are committed to bringing together the brightest minds and best-in-class tools to make technology work for everyone, one project at a time.  

How We’re Making an Impact 

Fighting Biometrics Breaches with Hacking
we help businesses safeguard themselves through our AI with a diverse team of humans in the loop to ensure that the technology is inclusive, human centric, and future-proof. …
Examples of AI Localization
AI localization is about creating lovable experiences for your customers around the world through AI-based products that are authentic to their local cultures.…