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"The best part of being a Oneformer? The variety of tasks. Never a dull moment!"
January 16 2023


I’m Valentina and I’m from Naples, Italy. I am an architect and an aid worker. Since I became a mother in 2020, I started studying to become a special needs teacher.

At the same time, I was looking for a flexible, part-time, and possibly home-based job. All things apparently impossible until I found OneForma! 

I heard about OneForma from a friend of mine. It didn’t take long after I created my profile that got my first job. I’ve never stopped since then. 

The cool thing about OneForma is that it offers the possibility to choose among various projects. I have been able to do translations jobs, taking advantage of languages learned during years of working worldwide. I also had the opportunity to work on design projects closer to my architectural background.  

The best part of being a Oneformer? The variety of tasks. I appreciate the possibility of switching among different tasks – sometimes on the same day! Never a dull moment. I can easily earn for my family from home or while the kids are sleeping, but I also acquire new skills while working on various OneForma assignments. Perfect job for me.  

I also work as a teacher, but not full time. With the translation projects in OneForma, I was offered the opportunity to grow to join the QA team. I feel grateful, and I feel that by working hard, I will keep growing.  

I don’t have much free time right now, which is why OneForma is the perfect match. I’m grateful OneForma job helped me to pay for my scholar fees. 

 I highly recommend OneForma. It gives you the opportunity to work by your schedule while working in various fields. It lets me, as a mother, enjoy my kids, and as a student, earn something and learn while working. 

Miren Lauzurika
Miren is our Community Manager, you might have bumped into her!
She manages our amazing OneForma community and is available for all your questions and doubts. She is also in charge of social media and loves being in touch with all our OneFormers.
During her free time, she loves travelling, going to gigs and taking long walks with her dog. And learning more about our community!

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