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Meet Cemal…

There are always training OneForma. It's a university for people's self-development.

My name is Cema Aktas, I am 62 years old and I am from Turkey.

I discovered OneForma while searching work from home sites online and I have been working for about three years. I am an eager UHRS user but have also participated in numerous other projects. I currently work full time for OneForma. 

The best part of being a OneFormer is that it develops my abilities in various fields, forces me to use and improve my English and provides extra income. My favorite projects are AI related tasks, photo video tasks and English translation tasks. 

There are always training opportunities to work at OneForma. It’s a university for people’s self-development and at the same time a platform that will make very good profits in long-term missions. 




Project Manager
Non-Profit Owner