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Meet Valentina…

The best part of being a Oneformer? The variety of tasks. Never a dull moment!

I’m Valentina and I'm from Naples, Italy. I am an architect and an aid worker. Since I became a mother in 2020, I started studying to become a special needs teacher.

At the same time, I was looking for a flexible, part-time, and possibly home-based job. All things apparently impossible until I found OneForma! 

I heard about OneForma from a friend of mine. It didn’t take long after I created my profile that I got my first job. I’ve never stopped since then. 

The cool thing about OneForma is that it offers the possibility to choose among various projects. I have been able to do translations jobs, taking advantage of languages learned during years of working worldwide. I also had the opportunity to work on design projects closer to my architectural background.  

The best part of being a Oneformer? The variety of tasks. I appreciate the possibility of switching among different tasks – sometimes on the same day! Never a dull moment. I can easily earn for my family from home or while the kids are sleeping, but I also acquire new skills while working on various OneForma assignments. Perfect job for me.  

I also work as a teacher, but not full time. With the translation projects in OneForma, I was offered the opportunity to grow to join the QA team. I feel grateful, and I feel that by working hard, I will keep growing.  

I don’t have much free time right now, which is why OneForma is the perfect match. I’m grateful OneForma job helped me to pay for my scholar fees. 

 I highly recommend OneForma. It gives you the opportunity to work by your schedule while working in various fields. It lets me, as a mother, enjoy my kids, and as a student, earn something and learn while working. 




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