OneForma by Centific

Trinity v2

Data Collection


Participants will be asked to record scenarios in their home interacting with other participants and a voice assistant. The devices will be provided, and they will be guided by moderators on a virtual call. The session will take approximately an hour to finish. Once session is done, devices will need to be returned to the office before we process their payment.


This project will play a crucial role in improving voice assistants.

Main requirements:

  • Being based in or near NYC or Redmond (WA).
  • Agreeing to commute to our office to pick up the devices, as sessions will be done at your own home.
  • Participating in groups of 2-4 people.
  • Agreeing to sign the Informed Consent Form (ICF) and device return agreement.
  • Having a stable internet connection.
  • Answering the demographic survey.


Other important information:

  • All individuals in your group should be fluent English speakers.
  • We will provide guidelines and instructions, so you understand what to expect and what to do with the project.
  • We will provide the device to use and you will be guided by the moderators via call.

About OneForma

OneForma is part of Centific, a global digital and technology services company. We bring together data, intelligence and experiences to deliver human-centric solutions to complex business challenges.

OneForma and Centific are an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any of our applicants on the grounds of race, gender, religion or cultural background.

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