OneForma by Centific
Prompt Creation

LLM Hermes



For this task, you’ll be asked to generate instructions for machine learning on different categories.

Your job will be to compose questions & answers in your native language following the guidelines we’ll provide.


This project will help Artificial Intelligence bots generate search output so that it’s easier for users to navigate online shopping sites.

Main requirements:

  • Being a native speaker of one of the languages on the list
  • Being able to communicate in English to follow instructions and join live meeting to know about the work stream
  • Having experience in Excel and experience in online shopping is a huge plus

Click on your language below to get started!

·       English (India)

·       French (Canada)

·       French (France)

·       German (Germany)

·       Italian (Italy)

  ·       Japanese (Japan)

·       Portuguese (Portugal)

·       Spanish (Spain)

·       Spanish (USA)


About OneForma

OneForma is part of Pactera EDGE, a global digital and technology services company. We bring together data, intelligence and experiences to deliver human-centric solutions to complex business challenges.

OneForma and Pactera EDGE are an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any of our applicants on the grounds of race, gender, religion or cultural background.

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