OneForma by Centific

LLM Crystal - Domain: Math


Description: As a Prompt/Response Author, you will be at the forefront of ensuring the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated responses. Your key responsibility includes authoring prompts and responses for a variety of task types.

Purpose: This role is instrumental in training our AI model to deliver exceptional service to users.

Main requirements:

  • Language Proficiency: Native speakers of the languages listed below with a commitment to delivering error-free content.
  • Location: Based in any of the countries listed in the table below.
  • Analytical and Creative Skills: We value detail-oriented, logical thinkers with a creative flair and the ability to empathize with user needs.
  • Focus on Model Improvement: Drive model enhancement by providing valuable insights and improvements.
  • Availability: Able to dedicate at least 4-5 hours a day; full-time commitment is preferable.
  • Communication: Strong communicative skills and a willingness to collaborate with the team.
  • Learning Sessions: Open to attending online demos or learning sessions as needed.
  • Certifications: Successful completion of required certifications is mandatory.

About OneForma

OneForma is part of Centific, a global digital and technology services company. We bring together data, intelligence and experiences to deliver human-centric solutions to complex business challenges.

OneForma and Centific are an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any of our applicants on the grounds of race, gender, religion or cultural background.

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