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Hallucination Translation Project



In this annotation task you are given a text in the source language and a corresponding translation in the target language. Please read the source and translation texts and annotate translation error that can be categorized as hallucination. Hallucination is any text in the translation that is completely unrelated to the text in the source language. Please read the difference between hallucination vs mistranslation below:

Hallucination vs mistranslation: 

In general terms, a hallucination consists in a translation error that has nothing to do with the source, adding or altering the meaning of the translation greatly, in a way that the error span does not bear any resemblance with the source. A mistranslation in the other hand, is a translation error that does not always alter the meaning of the source, and when it does, it can still have some resemblance to the meaning or can be associated with the source text.


The purpose of this project is to train AI on language translations and recognize hallucinations vs mistranslations.

Main requirements:

  • Must be certified in en_US/es_ES translations.

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