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Protecting Your Account

A Simple Guide to OneForma’s Security Policies

Here at OneForma, your security is one of our top priorities. To help make your experience as safe and secure as possible, we’ve put together a few comprehensive security policies covering just about everything. This guide will help you understand those policies so that you can confidently navigate the OneForma platform. 

Understanding Individuality and Safety 

We’ve categorized our policies into two main areas: individuality and safety. Individuality policies ensure that each user’s unique OneForma identity remains solely theirs, while Safety policies protect both the platform and its users. 

For both categories, OneForma’s security specialists perform frequent checks to catch any policy breaches, making OneForma a secure platform for everybody. 


Individuality at a Glance 

  • Unique Payment IDs:  Your Payoneer, PayPal IDs, or bank card account must belong to you and you alone. Sharing these with others can result in your account being banned to protect the OneFormer community and all OneForma Clients. 
  • IP Addresses and Multiple Users: Sharing an IP address with multiple users poses a user individuality risk and can result in account suspension. Do not share devices with other OneFormers unless you live within the same household (limited to two OneFormers per household). Avoid using Public Wi-Fi networks. 

Safety and Security 

For more information on safety and security, read our guide on how to stay safe online. 

  • Country and IP Address Monitoring: The use of VPNs, proxies, or device emulators is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent account deactivation. Any detected unusual activity on your account can flag your account for investigation. 

What Happens if a Policy Is Breached? 

If OneForma’s Account Review Team detects a breach, we will take immediate action up to and including permanently banning your account. However, everybody makes mistakes. If you believe you’ve been falsely accused, you can appeal the decision through the provided appeal email. 

How to Report Breaches or Learn More About Policies 

If you’ve witnessed suspicious activities on the OneForma platform or have questions about OneForma’s security policies, please contact our Account Review Team or [email protected]. 


Our commitment to maintaining a secure platform requires us to maintain a strict adherence to these policies. By understanding and abiding by them, you’re contributing to the reliability and integrity of the OneForma platform and helping to provide a safer online experience for all your fellow OneFormers. 

 Remember, your individuality and safety are what drive these policies. Let’s work together to keep OneForma a trusted name in the localization community. Report any security policy violations to [email protected].