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"The best thing about OneForma is that it's a platform that is easy to enroll on and you start working ASAP. I have recommended OneForma to many of my colleagues."
January 16 2023


My name is Wellington Wambugu from Kenya, I am a project manager by profession but mostly a freelancer working on different gigs. I discovered OneForma via a colleague of mine while I was in college and decided to enroll and earn some extra cash to assist in my tuition fees. It’s now been 5 years and counting.

The best thing about OneForma is that it’s a platform that is easy to enroll on and you start working ASAP. It has an interactive interface and a customer care that is always responding to my issues.  

I love working on the transcription and UHRS projects offered by OneForma. On my free time, I engage in activities of helping the vulnerable in our community whereby I use the funds earned from OneForma to run my small-sized NGO. 

 I have recommended OneForma to many of my colleagues and I will continue doing so since it’s one platform/company that offers quality worldwide opportunities. I am more than thankful to OneForma as a company and its members as a community. 

Miren Lauzurika
Miren is our Community Manager, you might have bumped into her!
She manages our amazing OneForma community and is available for all your questions and doubts. She is also in charge of social media and loves being in touch with all our OneFormers.
During her free time, she loves travelling, going to gigs and taking long walks with her dog. And learning more about our community!

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