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Q&A MTPE MT: Post-Editing – General Culture



Translators are provided with a source and a machine translation, and they have to post-edit the MT to have a translation that sounds natural in the target language. The format of the source is a question with 4 multiple choice answers.


To correct and make the machine translation sounds natural in their target language.

Main requirements:

  • You are fluent in English US and native in Japanese-Japan.
  • You have access to a laptop and a good internet connection.
  • You have a Translation or Linguistics background, such as a BA or MA.
  • You have previous experience in translation with expertise in the field of General Culture.

In return, this is what we offer:

  • An opportunity to practice your passion and grow your translation skills while being paid for it. Make your dream of developing a new career in translation!
  • Crowd-friendly online translation environment in OneForma. You don’t need any other tools!
  • Work when you can and as much as you want. You put the limits!



  • We are only looking for native speakers of the variant specified above, and you will be required to take a translation certification to qualify for the project.
  • Due to the nature of the project, you MUST be a native speaker of one of the languages stated above in order to apply. If you are not, please do not apply or your application will be automatically rejected.

About OneForma

OneForma is part of Centific, a global digital and technology services company. We bring together data, intelligence and experiences to deliver human-centric solutions to complex business challenges.

OneForma and Centific are an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any of our applicants on the grounds of race, gender, religion or cultural background.

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