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What To Do About Sudden Application Rejections

Have you ever been approved for a project and then found your application suddenly rejected? It can be seriously frustrating. Let’s explore what happens after your application is accepted and what can cause it to be retroactively rejected.

Behind-the-Scenes Review

After your application is accepted, it undergoes another round of review. This additional review often involves checks that the initial round may not have covered. During this second round, new information can come to light that could affect the status of your application.

Common Reasons for Retroactive Rejection

  • Geographical Restrictions: The job might not be available in your country or region.
  • Language Requirements: Your native language might not match the project’s needs.
  • Other Factors: Various other criteria specific to the project can also cause retroactive rejections.

There’s a Difference Between “Accepted” and “Approved”

  • Accepted: This status means you appear to meet all project requirements and have passed the first round of review. It does not guarantee access to the project.
  • Approved: This status means you’ve passed all application stages and have been selected for the project.

Why Your Application Might Get Stuck on “Accepted”

Sometimes, your application can be accepted alongside a handful of other OneFormers’ applications. If one of theirs is approved, not yours, yours might get remain “Accepted” for a some time.

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