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How to Update Your Language Preferences on OneForma

How to Update Your Language Preferences on OneForma

Whether you’re updating your profile for new job opportunities or looking to ensure you have access to relevant project offers, setting your native language(s) correctly is crucial. Here’s how you can update your language preferences on your OneForma profile. 


  1. Navigate to your profile settings, where you can view and edit your personal information. 
  1. Find the section labeled “Languages.” 
  1. In the “Native Language” field, list only the language or languages you are native speaker of—the language(s) you’ve spoken since childhood. 
  1. If you’re proficient in other languages, you can add these to the “Spoken Languages” list. This helps us understand your language capabilities better and match you with suitable projects. 
  1. Save your changes. 

Please note: Each user can set up to three languages as their native language. If you need to delete or change them, please contact the support team.

Need More Help? 

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